• Pic7  1. Moon Landing
  • Pic7  2. Final Game Screen. Clowns.
  • Pic7  3. Frist Draft. Game Screen.
  • Pic7  4. Opening Target Screen. Final Game.
  • Pic7 5. Invitation Postcard MFADT 2006. Theme Board
  • Pic7 6. Photo. Target Stars. Cover. Thesis Final.

M.F.A. Thesis Interactive Shooting Gallery Sketches

> Play the Game < [.swf]
> Watch the Movie < [Vimeo]

The Shooting Galler(y) Thesis developed the contrast between digital interface and antique carnival games with the idea that these could combine to form a new game, interaction, experience. Ebay images of the carnival games were collected and reset based on original sketches provided as research.

The project illustrates the value of a game as a whole, not merely its parts and demonstrates that a digital interface can reanimate historic images. Using the original sketches as a guides, synthesized and genuine sounds, lighting, and replica guns as game components, the project effectively explores the contrasts of past and present experiences.

  • Pic7
  • Pic7
  • Pic7
  • Pic7
  • Pic7

Object Sketches

Objects from around the house. Illustrations.

1. Duck
2. Grammie's Red Chair
3. Tea - For Celestial Seasonings End Cap Display
4. Turntable - Always wanted, never owned
5. My mother's old couch, now the company logo

  • Pic  1. Steve : Graphite, 42 x 36, 1998
  • Pic1  2. Leg : Mixed Media, Craft Paper 60 x 40, 1999
  • Pic2  3. Lenin : Wood Block cut, Printed onto Rice Paper, 1999
  • Pic2  4. Couch : Mixed Media, 30 x 20, 1999
  • Pic3  5. Cartoon : Mixed Media, Typography Presentation, 1999

Woodblock Print & Mixed Media Drawing

Work from University of Wisconsin - Madison. Fine Art Major from 1997 - 1999. Pieces include drawing mixed media, wood block and printmaking. Large Scale Final Projects include Steve and Couch. Steve was featured in the Madison College Gallery 211 Faculty Art show in 2014.

  • Pic7  1. Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
  • Pic7  2. Logo : Rancho Relaxo
  • Pic7  3. Logo : Long Winter Farm
  • Pic7  4. Logo : Crop Fit

Wisconsin Farm & Business Logos

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Logo is for the 2016 Event. Updated Logo and Marketing. Rancho Relaxo LLC is a Farm Operation and its Parent Operation Long Winter Farm are located in the SouthEast corner of Wisconsin. Crop Fit is a terrible idea.